How to get a 100% completed sourdough profile?

The amount of registered sourdoughs is increasing every day. We thank you for that. In this blog we would like to share some tips on how to achieve a 100% complete profile and turn the grey dot on the map into a beautiful orange one.


Make sure you give a name to your sourdough.


Fill in all the required fields and steps for feeding and working method.


Fill in correctly your home address. That will make your sourdough visible on the map and allow us to send you the gift(s) you are entitled to if you are among the first 500 registered "active" questers before the end of 2016.


Upload a picture in each field that is available.


Upload minimum 4 pictures of your baked breads and describe in the box above what they are about.


Click one last time on next. Your sourdough should be 100% complete. If not, check and fill in eventual blanks. We appreciate so much that you really help us to be as complete as possible.


You can access your profile by clicking on your profile picture after you have logged in. Complete your profile correctly and upload your picture. That makes it more personal!


You want to edit your sourdough? You can do that anytime. Click on your profile picture after you logged in and you will see that you can select sourdough (the red circle on the picture) on the left of the screen.


You have more then one sourdough? Great! You can add as much sourdoughs as you want to your profile. Just click on add a sourdough. Right top corner.


I completed everything and my profile still says 91% complete? Whats up with that?

I have the same issue - everything completed, but still 91%.

I’m stuck at 98% as well. I’ve spent hours trying to get it to 100%, but no luck :(
Update 12/31/16: I went back and re-entered everything from the beginning, including my address and ingredient list - and it now says 100%. Hopefully it stays that way :)

I have a profile, but I can not upload any photo or modify anything... :(

Back down to 94%. I give up. Making the bread is easier and more productive.

I agree with Mike Rodgers. Makeing a sourdough bread is much easier then to reach 100% and an orange dot on map.

Same here i have tried everything but still it is not 100%, what should one do?

When I click on "sourdough" I can only add another sourdough. I would like to edit mine and complete it. Help!

You have to login and click on your profile picture. The screen showing you your account will appear. On the left you can select sourdoughs, in between general and notifications. You can then access and edit your sourdough.

Well I'm giving up! Every time trying to edit my pictures at the end of the starter profile (I found this only makes my profile change percents) I get ERROR message and can't actually change anything. Not even removing images, not adding new ones. It happens almost a month. I can send my error message, but can't find an address?

When I edit my sourdough it says 100% complete. But from the 3 icons (star, 100% and Puratos) I have only the first one.
profile is complete. where else I need to check/complete?

Hi there, I was taking a look to my sourdough info (final view with all the info) and where is the "mixture information", for some unknown reason appears as 100% liquid, and it is wrong in my case. I wrote the sourdough ingredientes in the step 5.
I would like to know in which step is requested that information in order to modify that percentage, or it is automatically calculated?

Stay at 98% no matter how I edit. I got problem in updating as the next button doesn't move me to next page.

Followed all suggestion to complete profile but still at 98%. What is missed?

...and the picture of the profile shown in this comment is wrong!!! that's not me!!! What's going on???

I just complete my profile and also registered my sourdough starter "Bunda"
So happy to be part of this, thank you

Warm regards,


I've tried to update this repeatedly and get it to 100% but it just never happens. Everything is filled in and then some. There must be a glitch that someone needs to fix.

This is so frustrating! Gah!!! I am also stuck at 94% and don't know why. I've gone through every section multiple times and can't find anything missing. I've followed all the steps. Can anyone help?