Vitus! Новый рецепт заквасок в библиотеке.

Летом прошлого года Мартина Гёрнманн (Martina Goernemann) из Мюнхена приехала ко мне в Библиотеку заквасок. В металлической термо-колбе она держала стеклянный сосуд с закваской. Я повидал многое, но в этот раз мне понадобилась помощь.


Four days to happiness

Vitus is a sourdough that captured something from great personalities on its travel

When Martina left me with her sourdough she started a journey to visit ten sourdough lovers, people for whom sourdough is important. People who got passionate about it, like you are...
In a new book called "Sourdough, Four days to happiness" the journey of this sourdough is written in a very entertaining way by Martina.
To find out how the sourdough received its name you have to read the book, or watch the movie of my latest Quest for Sourdough.

Karl AKA @the_sourdough_librarian